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Learn How To Find Real Estate Investing Partners

Today a lot of real estate agents and ambitious property owners want to try their luck in real estate investing but lack the capital required for this. They need a real estate investing partner for this purpose. If you get an investing partner, he/she can provide you the money you need for investment in the real estate business while sharing your profits. Real estate investment is quite heavy on the pocket as there are ongoing costs of taxes and maintenance in addition to the original property cost. This kind of partnership is generally between a real estate agent or mortgage broker and an investor or financer.

There are quite a few options available to find a real estate investing partner. The first option would be to search within your family and friends especially in case you're just starting out in this business. This is a good way to start because you already have trust in family and friends and you both know each other`s work ethic. This kind of partnership can be a bit tricky so one needs to keep things very professional.

The second way would be to consider real estate investment clubs. These clubs connect you with other people who are interested in investing in real estate around your local market. You might find a good private investor ready to invest in your next real estate deal or to mentor you. You can look up investment clubs on google and connect with other industry professionals through your local Chamber of Commerce. Investment clubs might not be advertised, so one needs some time to find the best ones in his area.

Fine-tune your own skillset

In order to be able to convince an investor to trust you with their capital, you need to perfect your own skillset and be confident about your business idea. You can start by getting a part-time job assisting a real estate agent. This will not only allow you to connect with like-minded people but also help you learn the ins and outs of the industry. You will have a thorough knowledge of the documentation, how the market trends work, and regulations. If you make a few successful deals while assisting, this will strengthen your reputation in the industry and make it easier to find an investor once you take a leap to start your own real estate business.


It’s a cyber era, in which one can find anything and everything on the internet including people who might be willing to invest in their business. One way of investing is through crowdfunding in which you use any digital platform to connect with investors looking for ways to earn passive income. One needs to be careful in choosing the right platform for this. It would be best to get the one that not only vets its investors but also offers advertising prospects. Crowdfunding may take a little time to gather the funds you need.

Social media

Another great way to find real estate investing partners is through social media groups that deal with real estate investors. They work in the same way as real estate investing clubs and help in networking and connecting with like-minded people in terms of business. One needs to be quite active and sociable in these groups to be able to meet more and more people. One can easily learn from more experienced investors as well as from the comments of fellow members. Some of the authentic groups are Facebook and LinkedIn. One needs to be well prepared to pitch in their idea as soon as they get an opportunity.


Apart from having brilliant business investment ideas, it’s important to have credentials and experience so that real estate investors trust you with their capital. Investors do need some kind of assurance when investing a good amount of money. Complete documentation should be provided before making any investment deal. A good business plan should be ready with someone who is looking for a real estate investing partner.


Once you are done with documentation, you can go ahead and prepare your pitch. You need to make sure that a potential investment partner is clear about who you are and what kind of experience you will bring into the business. You also need to highlight the benefits of investing with you. You will be able to make yourself necessary, valuable, and desired from a business opportunity perspective if you flip the narrative and make known what kind of opportunity you can offer to your partner. You can practice and have feedback from friends and family about your pitch and idea.

You can also offer them interest on their money in addition to a basic profit partnership. This will give them two revenue streams and hence attract them to invest more money. You can also make it known to the investing partner that he doesn’t need to pay taxes on their investment which is a big plus for investors.


Finding a real estate investment partner in your area can definitely be a great booster for your business. But it’s a long process to find the perfect real estate investment partner. However, if you are determined to follow the right path, you will eventually get what you are looking for your business to flourish. It is important that you don't give up after your first try if you don’t find the right investment partner. Building trust is the first step in any business partnership so one needs to do that in the very beginning. It is really ideal to find a partner with experience and skill set that complements yours. It`s great to get a like-minded partner whose is investing strategy matches yours.

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Justin Brennan

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