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WELCOME! Multifamily Intelligence is apartment focused. We've created a nationwide community to learn and invest in multifamily. Consider us your one stop shop to learn strategies, get data, connect with multifamily investors and contribute to the multifamily network. We love bigger pockets, but we're Multifamily intelligent

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Welcome To The Multifamily Intelligence

Welcome to the home of multifamily intelligence. This is the premier real estate investing education community. Read our blog, join for FREE network for videos, podcasts, webinars, data, resources and more. Real Estate is one of the most rewarding opportunities and we are thrilled to share our passion for investing and business. JOIN TODAY FREE


Will Strong

When I have questions about residential real estate , construction,  apartments and marketing, I come to you guys. I see you guys as an expert in all these categories. Thanks for your help in my passive income journey and retirement.

Scott Cohen

I love your guys vision and deeper ideas regarding life and real estate investing via passive income. Its not all about the money. Your attitude is contagious.

Brett Gillespie

As you know, I have several buddies in real estate and investing, bit I come to you guys specifically for market trends and your take on passive-income and long term investing.

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Multifamily Crash Course

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  • Proforma Excel Template download $1,000 value. (included)

  • Due Diligence checklist PDF $500 value. (included)

  • Emerging markets template PDF $300 value. (included)

  • Pitch Deck PPT download to market your deals to investors. $500 value. (included)

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Build wealth and get the financial freedom you deserve. Download the free ebook today packed with 90 pages of apartment information, due diligence, mechanics of a deal, how to find and buy your first rental property and so much more.

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