Top 6 tips to redesign your apartment living room

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Just because you live in a apartment not a big luxury house, doesn't mean you can not make your living room look luxurious. You don't need to go out of budget for that and put all your savings for that. Just follow our tips and get your luxurious living room.

Lighten up: Lights lights and lights the top notch tip to convert your boring living room into a lively happy place to live in. Use ceiling lamps which will not only add beauty in your living room but will brighten up your room to make it attractive enough, use led bulbs all around the corners which will not bring burden on your pocket through electric bills and will provide enough light for the room to brighten up your house. Lights are the most amazing way to make home feel welcoming.

Add curtains: Consider this tip and trick the people by making your room look bigger and having enough space. Hang them on walls or windows with full length of ceiling to floor to bring height into your space. Find elegant design of curtains to increase the luxury look.

Don't forget to add curves: Because most apartments are boxy, it's better to add some curves. Furniture with curves, wall ceilings have curvy wooden design is just the best way to add the lost persona of your living room. Add shaped rugs, chairs just to make your place lively.

Fill up your couch: It's not enough to put a good couch in living room, it requires a lot more for the best looks. Try to make a statement dramatic, making your small space look larger and attractive, add different cushions with different colors, brainstorming is the key, you need to think out of the box, you can think to put a colorful glittery piece of cloth to go to a next level.

Scale it up by glass: Glass top, chairs, Lucite tables gives the impression of openness as well as elegance still fulfilling the function you need. It convert your boring living room look sleek and contemporary ensuring that room looks spacious. It gives illusion of space, it doesn't block the view behind, creating more empty space helping in a better distribution of light.

Mount up shelves: You can get ideas from our blog to know the importance of this tip. Shelve it up wherever there is space, this adds tons of storage without messing up with looks. You can add contrast shelves to make it more lavish.

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