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Tips That Nobody Will Tell You About Decor Of A Small Apartment

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Small apartments have their own benefits - lower cost, closer proximity of downtown areas, nearby access to every facility, cozy charm. That is, if you know to decorate your small apartment and how to consume the area to make it a perfect place to live.

Your apartment may be short on space but that doesn't mean that need to be short on design.There is a misconception that in short space you need to focus on functionality not design, we will give you tips which nobody will tell you how to occupy the space and at the same time not compromise on the design.

Find the right balance between the creating space with all the things you need in your apartment and a great design by following these tips:

Use a lot of mirrors:

Create a illusion using mirrors, small apartments looks bigger when a visual illusion is created when the room is mirrored backed to you which create a more spacious area. Use vertical mirrors on walls which takes no space yet makes your apartment look bigger. There are many great mirror designs available grab the best according to your wall.

Choose light colors :

Light color walls are more reflective and makes them look bigger ,making space feel more airy and open, which helps maximize the effect created by natural light giving it a elegant look while the dark colors absorb light, makes room look smaller.

However if you are a dark color lover you can always use a splash of color on a corner or furniture of bright color making your apartment look appealing and attractive.

Use Dual Purpose Furniture:

Choose dual purpose furniture that have a lot of capacity for storage, compact and good looking furniture which will not occupy your space but will give you a lot of storage capacity, to put all the books, a lot your stuff in that which remains hidden at the same time, not compromising the look of your apartment,your apartment will never look small with all the extra space.

Think Vertical:

Think vertically and take the advantage for the wall space which can be a great storage area as well as contributes a great design.

You can use your wall without compromising the design by making shelves from floor to ceiling, or use hooks, use all your paintings, plants for fresh air as well as decor, well adding a color splash would be also a great idea to make your wall useful as well as attractive part of your apartment. You can do this in all your rooms, you just need to be wise.

Consider all dead spaces:

Make a look at all the corners of your apartment, brainstorm it, take the benefit of all the empty areas and walls and ceilings, just turn it into a beautiful design and bring it on all the extra candles, baking dishes, pots you got in gifts years ago but couldn't use it up till now from your store, and just use all the dead spaces and make a wonderful design to decorate your apartment.

Useful wall art:

The key to a design a apartment is diversity, you need to think out of the box for each corner, you can not make shelves for storage on every wall, You can use many other things such as a beautiful piece of art, which can add a splash of color as well as an attractive corner at your apartment.

You can always think different for each room and wall, not only art work you can also add framed pictures,colorful baskets , giant letters, wall stickers, wood-handled cooking tools dipped in bright colors, show off your sculptures, hanging rugs just can bring life to your empty walls.

Embrace ceiling lighting lamps:

Floor lamps will not only consume space in your small apartment as well as it will not give maximum light in the room, adding ceiling lighting lamps is a great idea where we have to not worry about space and get best light reflection, which makes your room look bigger and attractive.

There are wide variety of decorative ceiling light lamps which are available in market with all ranges of price, then what you are waiting for? Just grab the perfect piece for yourself and make your room look better and bigger.

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Justin Brennan

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