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How Excellent Landlords Finds Maintenance Contractors

Getting maintenance calls for a couple of properties is not that bothering. But these calls start becoming a big problem when you expand and buy more properties and as a result, have more tenants. And hence, more maintenance calls.

No matter how many properties and/or units you have, your time is of great value. To avoid wasting time in maintenance every other day, landlords hire professionals who get the job done in the get-go. Finding professional maintenance contractors can save you a ton of time and money. Because these professionals get it done in a single visit and not in multiple visits. Certified professionals would be able to deal with plumbing problems, wiring problems, gas problems. However, there are other issues that won’t need a professional to fix. Any contractor can solve these problems. Here is a list of issues a landlord can face in routine.

  • Damaged Locks

  • Geyser malfunctioning

  • Electrical short circuit or fuse replacement

  • Drainage problem

  • Painting Problems

  • HVAC cleaning/maintenance

  • Drywall and many more.

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of maintenance problems landlords can deal with. The first one is an emergency maintenance problem that needs instant attention. For example, water damage or a clogged toilet. Other issues are not as urgent and do not need an emergency repair.

Both of these problems have specific time frames and tenants expect the landlord to get these problems fixed in that limited time frame. And solving these problems have a direct effect on the landlord’s reputation.

Why does it affect the landlord’s reputation?

The reason is, it builds a perspective in the mind of a tenant. It shows how much you care about the problems tenants are facing. When you fix these problems on time, you are portrayed as a great landlord.

Furthermore, small problems can add up and become bigger problems if not solved timely. And eventually will cost more time and reputation. And that is why hiring great contractors is a better option to go with.

Why a Certified Professional Contractor and Not any other


One of the best ways to keep your tenants happy is keeping your property in excellent condition. But when a problem arises and you do not already have a network of maintenance professionals in touch with you, you probably will start looking for them and that may take a little longer than the time frame tenants expect you to deal with the maintenance. Because maintenance professionals are not available as handy as one might think. They will make you wait until they finish the job they are working on. Also, choosing the right professional right in a hurry isn’t easy.

This is why you need to take the time only once and hire the right contractors and let them take care of the maintenance for you. It can save you valuable time and of course money not to mention every time a tenant is having an issue, it will be solved the same day and sometimes in a matter of hours.

Who Would Be a Good Fit?

Once you decide to hire professionals, you will have to actually find a perfect fit. While choosing the best fit, you will need to keep these 6 things in mind.

  1. Where they live? This is really important because it defines how quickly they can arrive at the property and do the maintenance.

  2. Are they trustworthy? Please keep in mind that these professionals are going to deal with your tenants. You can just trust them by talking to them. You need to try them in a trial period and see how they work. In the trial period, you will be able to understand and get to know them.

  3. How Skillful are they? You need to find a diverse player so that he can take care of most of the problems. That is why it is always advised to find a skillful person who can deal with a variety of problems instead of dealing with just one.

  4. Experience: The professional need to have at least some experience so that it would be easy to trust him and let him handle the maintenance job.

  5. Dealing with MultiFamily: A maintenance professional must be able to handle dozens of units of a single one. This requires great time management skills. It also requires the professionals to have an understanding of what needs immediate attention and what are not so emergency maintenance problems.

  6. Independent: The professional should be able to work independently. The landlord can not supervise him all the time. And that is what makes independent professionals a great fit.

How do You Find the Right Professionals?

There are several ways to find maintenance professionals. For example, looking up on the internet or in looking up in the newspaper. But really, what's the most efficient way to find the best ones in your area?

Well, the answer is a property management company.

Calling a property management company can connect with an experienced team of professionals who have sound experience in dealing with many units. It is safer this way too since the maintenance professional you got is referred by a legit company.


When you finally find contacts of a few professionals, conduct an interview. You can start with a telephonic interview and narrow down the list in the first phase. Now, you have a list of shortlisted professionals.

Now arrange an in-person interview and finalize your ideal professional by finding out about how they work. After finalizing you can start with them on a trial basis to see if it works out for both parties before signing a long-term contract.

Managing property well and keeping it in the best shape proves you the best landlord. This is why some people use property management companies while others network with other landlords and learn from each other's experience.

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