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5 Top Recommended Audiobooks for Real Estate Investors

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

The fastest and most effective way to become a successful real estate investor is to learn from others. By examining their strategies and learning from their mistakes, you can figure out what works and what doesn't. While is easy and free to tap into your network for real estate investing advice, your network is limited. You can find a wealth of knowledge in books about real estate investing too. If you're not big on reading, then consider real estate audiobooks.

Real estate investing audiobooks are valuable learning tools that you can indulge in almost anywhere. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing evening at home, working out or traveling, you can catch up on some important reading.

Here are 5 audiobooks that are my top recommendations to learn more about real estate investing.

This book covers experts' strategies on how to get the best deals when buying and selling investment properties. It was written by the star authors of BiggerPockets: J. Scott, Mark Ferguson, and Carol Scott. It is a deep dive into the real estate negotiation process whether you are purchasing your first property or renegotiating a contract.

The book is one of the most reviewed books on real estate investing which means that a lot of investors have found value in this read and I think you will as well.

Knowing the ins and outs of the local market is the key to successful real estate investing. This book will guide you on how to develop that knowledge and establish simple, profitable cash flow. It includes both volumes of the series, and is less than 2 hours worth of reading for a quick learning session that will be well worth the time spent.

This audiobook is an extremely valuable tool for any real estate investor. It covers real estate wholesaling, property management, and financial freedom. Key takeaways from this read include negotiation methods, financing, investment value-add, and tips on how to find reliable tenants.

This book aims to help real estate investors meet their goals of achieving financial freedom by introducing them to the market and basic market strategies. It's ideal for the new investor and will walk you through the process of closing your first deal. It also provides beginner investment advice for those real estate investors who want to get into flipping.

This book provides investors with a comprehensive buy and hold strategy. It's an especially poignant read for new investors looking to transcend their current socioeconomic class.


Justin Brennan

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