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Jose Adams
Jose Adams


is a lawyer, arbitrator, adjudicator, lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Berlin and a senior and partner at the law office, Dr. Hök, Stieglmeier & Kollegen, which has its seat in Berlin. His area of practise includes international construction contract law, international public procurement and trans-border real estate law. He has specialised in these areas of law since becoming a lawyer in 1991. As such, he has a great deal of experience in advising developers, contractors, employers, consulting engineers and architects. He also acts as a mediator, adjudicator and arbitrator at the international level. He is the author of a considerable number of papers and articles on topics in the field of contract administration and has also published several books in the fields of international contract law and international dispute resolution. His work, the Handbuch des internationalen und ausländischen Baurechts is widely considered the leading book in international construction in German. He has also translated the FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books into German and French. He has been an accredited FIDIC trainer since 2007, and was a friendly reviewer of the FIDIC Gold Book.


International construction is an increasingly crucial factor in international business. For over 50 years the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), founded in 1913, has acted to support the international construction business. FIDIC contracts are used worldwide and recommended by international organisations such as the World Bank group and the International Financing Institutes, they are equally widley used by civil law and by common law practitioners. Against this background the book provides detailed advice and explanations with regard to the use of FIDIC contracts, especially outside of common law countries and finding a balance between both legal systems, and promotes a better understanding of the issues at stake.

FIDIC 2017: A definitive guide to claims and disputes is an essential companion for professional users of the FIDIC books including engineers, surveyors, architects, consultants, and contractors, and it will also be a useful reference for legal professionals including lawyers, adjudicators and chartered arbitrators in this area.


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