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South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Crack Only - Codepunks Latest Version - Download and Install Tips

They cracked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard only five days after its release, at the time the shortest amount of time taken to develop a crack for a Denuvo DRM-protected game.[6] They also cracked Mass Effect: Andromeda,[7] only ten days after its release. In July 2017 the warez group SKIDROW criticized the methods used by CONSPIR4CY to crack games using Denuvo DRM.[8] In early 2018, CPY released cracked copies of Assassin's Creed Origins and Far Cry 5, which were compiled with the most recent version of Denuvo DRM, and had additional anti-modification and anti-debugging features through the use of VMProtect software and EasyAntiCheat. In November 2018 CPY released cracks for HITMAN 2, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, A Way Out, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, FIFA 19 - all of which featured the latest version of Denuvo DRM, with some using additional custom DRM or off the shelf DRM such as EACore and VMProtect. In December 2018, CPY published a cracked copy of Just Cause 4, which used the latest version of Denuvo DRM, on the day after its release. They also released a crack for Battlefield V on December 22, days after its official release. In January 2019, CPY released cracked copies of Ace Combat 7, Mutant Year Zero, and Strange Brigade, as well as the first episode of Life Is Strange 2 (titled "Roads") - all 4 titles using the latest versions of Denuvo DRM.

South Park - Fractured But Whole - Crack only - codepunks latest version

A few months later, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was cracked only five days after its release, making it the fastest-cracked game with the latest Denuvo implementation at the time.[18] In May 2017, Russian cracker BALDMAN cracked two games protected by the then-latest "v4" version of Denuvo: Nier: Automata and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. On 4 June, MKDEV cracked Constructor HD,[19] (although the release was unstable and later properly cracked by CPY.[20]) On 6 June, BALDMAN cracked Tekken 7, just four days after release, despite shipping with the then-latest "v4++" implementation of Denuvo.[21] In June 2017, anonymous scene group STEAMPUNKS released Dishonored 2 with an offline Denuvo license generator. They later released Adr1ft and Planet Coaster with similar generators. The keygens released by STEAMPUNKS are allegedly packed by VMProtect,[22] which is reportedly also used by Denuvo itself in some iterations. STEAMPUNKS released working license generators for most uncracked games with the v3 implementation of Denuvo. For a short period, Denuvo protection on new games was being cracked within hours of release,[23] however this stopped with the release of Assassin's Creed Origins, which was notable for wrapping an updated Denuvo protection within VMProtect. In February 2018, CPY cracked Assassin's Creed Origins, after almost 3 months of the game's release.[24] Final Fantasy XV's Denuvo protection was bypassed by 3DM using the demo .exe file three days before release[25] and several people reported finishing the game using said crack before the game was officially released on PC.[26]

This list only includes Denuvo and games, as the complete list of cracked games might be too long. You can check our subreddits like r/CrackWatch, for more news about video game piracy and the latest cracked games.


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