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Sans Sec 560 Pdf 49

the protagonist can trust sans to a point, but the protagonist has to earn his trust. while he will stand by the protagonist, he will not always do the protagonist's bidding. he can also be a little bitter towards papyrus, although he is willing to protect the protagonist from papyrus. although he does not get angry, he has been known to lose his temper from time to time.

sans sec 560 pdf 49

sans has a deep love for his family, and he considers the protagonist to be a part of his family. he holds a grudge against papyrus for stealing his parents away from him. when he falls in love with flowey, the protagonist notices that he is hurt by the way papyrus acts towards him. sans thinks that papyrus would have loved him if he had just been treated like any other human. he mentions that he will not "give up on his human family and friends." [13]

sans is known to be greedy, as seen during the genocide route when he steals the protagonist's memories of his previous life. he often attempts to gather as many useful items as he can, which will be useful for the protagonist later. he is also known to be nosy, as seen during the genocide route when he eavesdrops on the protagonist's conversation with toriel.

sans seems to know many things about the forest and the people that live there, even if he has never been there. in the genocide route, he can predict that the protagonist will die and can find out what the protagonist did in the past. he is also friendly with toriel's son and former guardian, pan.

sans is known to give absurd and self-serving advice to humans, and sometimes even to monsters. for example, in the genocide route, he claims that the protagonist is "wasting their time" by trying to fight him. despite this, he still tries to avoid the protagonist's attacks. sans' philosophy is to "conform to humans' interests and create a peaceful world". the correct translation of this sentence is: "sans wants to live a safe life and create a peaceful world." [6] another example is when the protagonist and the other monsters are in need of food; sans always says "i'll find some for you!". sans will ask the protagonist to take care of the monster's health. despite this, when they are about to eat, sans is always the first to say "no! let's not eat!" [7] in "risk it all", sans greets the protagonist by saying "hail, human!". when the protagonist asks him for his name, sans admits that he only has the form of his name. however, even when he doesn't know something, sans will ask people questions, such as how to get to snowdin town. in other words, sans is a social individual who tries to help humans. he is not just a monster who knows what humans want. he goes to snowdin town even though he is supposed to be the star of the game. sans can be almost as foolish as papyrus, as he explains to the protagonist that "there are no monsters in the world".


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