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Rus dilinde Nastya ile dünyayı keşfedin: seyahatler, kültürler ve diller

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Nastya Rus Dilinde: A Popular YouTube Channel for Kids

If you are looking for a fun and educational YouTube channel for your kids, you might want to check out Nastya Rus Dilinde. This is a Turkish version of , one of the most popular channels for children in the world. In this article, you will learn more about what this channel is, who is Nastya, and why it is popular among Turkish-speaking children.

The History of Nastya Rus Dilinde

How Nastya Started Her YouTube Career

Nastya is a seven-year-old girl from Russia who loves to play with her father. Her real name is Anastasia Radzinskaya, but she goes by Nastya or Stacy on her YouTube channels. She was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects her movement and speech. However, she did not let that stop her from pursuing her passion for making videos.

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Nastya and her father started making videos in 2016 when she was only four years old. They began with simple videos of them playing together in Russian and English. They soon realized that their videos were attracting a lot of viewers from different countries who enjoyed watching their funny and creative adventures.

How Nastya Rus Dilinde Was Created

Nastya and her father decided to create more channels in different languages to reach a wider audience. They hired translators and voice actors to help them dub their videos in Spanish, German, French, How Nastya Rus Dilinde Collaborated with Other Turkish Creators

Nastya and her father did not only make videos by themselves. They also collaborated with other Turkish creators who have popular YouTube channels for kids. Some of their collaborations include:

  • Enes Batur: He is a Turkish YouTuber who makes comedy, gaming, and vlogging videos. He has more than 16 million subscribers on his main channel. Nastya and her father appeared in one of his videos, where they played games and had fun together.

  • Ecrin Su Çoban: She is a Turkish actress and singer who starred in several TV shows and movies. She has more than 6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posts music videos, challenges, and lifestyle videos. Nastya and her father joined her in one of her videos, where they sang songs and danced together.

  • Niloya: She is a Turkish animated character who has a YouTube channel with more than 14 million subscribers. She posts educational and entertaining videos for preschoolers. Nastya and her father met her in one of her videos, where they learned about colors, shapes, and numbers together.

These collaborations helped Nastya and her father to connect with more Turkish fans and to learn more about Turkish culture. They also showed their appreciation and respect for the Turkish language and people. The Future of Nastya Rus Dilinde

The Plans and Goals of the Channel

Nastya and her father are not planning to stop making videos anytime soon. They have many plans and goals for their channel, such as:

  • Creating more original content: They want to make more videos that are unique and different from their other channels. They want to show their creativity and personality in their videos, and to make them more relevant and interesting for their Turkish fans.

  • Collaborating with more Turkish creators: They want to work with more Turkish YouTubers, celebrities, and influencers who have similar or complementary content to theirs. They want to expand their network and exposure in the Turkish market, and to learn from their peers and mentors.

  • Exploring new topics: They want to cover more topics that are educational, entertaining, and inspiring for their viewers. They want to teach their fans new things, make them laugh, and motivate them to pursue their dreams.

Nastya and her father are always looking for new ways to improve their channel and to satisfy their fans. They are open to feedback and suggestions from their viewers, and they try to incorporate them in their videos.

The Expectations and Hopes of the Fans

The fans of Nastya Rus Dilinde have high expectations and hopes for the channel, such as:

  • Seeing more of Nastya's personality: They want to see more of Nastya's character, opinions, and emotions in her videos. They want to know more about her likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams. They want to feel closer to her and to relate to her as a friend.

  • Learning more about Turkey: They want to learn more about the culture, history, geography, and people of Turkey. They want to see Nastya and her father visit different places, try different foods, meet different people, and experience different things in Turkey.

  • Interacting with Nastya and her father: They want to communicate with Nastya and her father more often. They want to comment on their videos, ask them questions, give them suggestions, and share their stories. They want to feel that they are part of the channel and that they matter to Nastya and her father.

The fans of Nastya Rus Dilinde are loyal and supportive of the channel. They watch every video, like every post, subscribe to every channel, and share every link. They are proud of Nastya and her father's achievements, and they look forward to their future videos.

The Potential and Impact of the Channel

Nastya Rus Dilinde has a lot of potential and impact for promoting cross-cultural communication, education, and entertainment among children. Some of the benefits of the channel are:

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  • It helps children learn a new language: The channel exposes children to the Turkish language in a fun and natural way. It helps them develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Turkish. It also helps them learn new words, phrases, idioms, and expressions in Turkish.

  • It helps children appreciate a different culture: The channel introduces children to the Turkish culture in a respectful and positive way. It helps them understand the values, beliefs, traditions, customs, and habits of the Turkish people. It also helps them respect the diversity and similarities among different cultures.

  • It helps children enjoy a variety of content: The channel offers children a wide range of content that is suitable for their age and interests. It helps them explore different themes and topics that are educational, their official page where they post updates and news about their channel.

  • : This is their official account where they post tweets and interact with their fans.

  • : This is their official email address where you can send them your questions, suggestions, or business inquiries.

You can also leave comments on their YouTube videos or send them messages on their Instagram or Facebook accounts. They try to read and reply to as many messages as possible.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. If you did, please share it with your friends and family who might be interested in Nastya Rus Dilinde. Also, don't forget to subscribe to their channel and follow them on their social media accounts. You will not want to miss their next videos!

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