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Our 5% dirty screen effect test uses the same formula and procedure as the 50% dirty screen effect test, but we run it on our 5% gray picture instead. For more information on the procedure, refer to the 50% dirty screen effect test.

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We test gray uniformity on monitors the same way as on TVs. While you can't compare the final scores, you can still compare the standard deviations and the pictures. Generally speaking, there isn't a big difference in the total standard deviation with the 50% gray image on LED-backlit TVs and monitors, as they can each suffer from backlight bleed along the edges. The big difference here between monitors and TVs is the amount of dirty screen effect in the center. Monitors rarely have that issue, and only four monitors have worse DSE than the best TV we've tested.

Gray uniformity refers to how well a TV display a single, solid color across the screen. It matters for content containing a large area of a single color, like with sports, where bad gray uniformity affects the appearance of playing surfaces. For each TV, we take two photos of different shades of gray, calculate the standard deviation of the color values of the pixels, and then calculate the amount of dirty screen effect that's present in each picture.

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