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Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Serial Key

Hey there,My computer was recently updated and when I went to reinstall my camera control pro 2 it is saying that my product key is invalid even though this is the same computer it was on before. Can anyone give me some leads on how to get around this? Thanks,Dylan

nikon camera control pro 2 serial key

Download Zip:

Camera Control Pro 2 software enables remote control of the settings on most Nikon cameras. Connection between the computer and camera may be via USB cable, or through wired or wireless LAN using a wireless transmitter. Advanced camera features are supported including LiveView, Picture Control system and the Viewer, which collectively enable the preview and selection of images prior to transfer to a computer. It also supports workflows from Nikon's exclusive photofinishing and browser software.

Epic fail, Nikon. This is already an overpriced niche product they only spun off from Capture to make a bit more cash (does Canon still provide camera control software free in the box?). Breaking compatibility with cameras that are still in common use is silly and irresponsible. There are third party alternatives, but some depend on Nikon's SDK which Thom suggests has likely dropped support as well:

You can download a simple app for the Android smart phone like GPS Coordinates that uses the GPS in your phone and GPS satellites to determine your exact location. Then you can input it into your camera control program. You should be able to find something similar for your iPhone.


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