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Seyi Vibez Ft. Kizz Daniel Drop 30 Missed Call: A Snippet of Their Forthcoming Hit Track

Download 30 Missed Call: How to Listen to the Latest Hit by Seyi Vibez and Kizz Daniel


If you are a fan of Nigerian music, you have probably heard of the song "30 Missed Call" by Seyi Vibez and Kizz Daniel. This song is one of the hottest tracks in the country right now, and it has been topping the charts since its release in 2023. But how can you download 30 missed call and enjoy it on your device? In this article, we will show you three ways to do that, as well as some tips on how to make the most of this catchy tune.

What is 30 Missed Call?

"30 Missed Call" is a song by Nigerian singer and songwriter Seyi Vibez, featuring another popular artist, Kizz Daniel. The song is a fusion of afrobeat and pop, with a catchy chorus and a smooth vibe. The song tells the story of a lover who is trying to reach his partner, but gets no response. He wonders if she is cheating on him, or if she has lost interest in him. He expresses his frustration and confusion through his lyrics, which are both emotional and humorous.

download 30 missed call

Why is it so popular?

The song has become a hit for several reasons. First of all, it has a catchy melody and a catchy hook that sticks in your head. Second, it features two of the most talented and popular artists in the Nigerian music scene, who have a loyal fan base and a wide appeal. Third, it relates to a common situation that many people can relate to: being ignored by someone you love. The song captures the feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and curiosity that come with such a scenario.

How to download 30 Missed Call

Now that you know what "30 Missed Call" is and why it is so popular, you might be wondering how you can download it and listen to it on your device. There are three main options that you can choose from:

Option 1: Stream it online

One way to listen to "30 Missed Call" is to stream it online from various platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer. This way, you don't have to download anything, and you can access the song anytime you have an internet connection.

Pros and cons of streaming



No need to download anything

Requires internet connection

Access to other songs and playlists

May consume data or battery

Can watch the official video

May encounter ads or interruptions

Option 2: Download it from

Another way to listen to "30 Missed Call" is to download it from, a website that offers free MP3 downloads of Nigerian songs. This way, you can save the song on your device, and listen to it offline whenever you want.

Pros and cons of downloading



No need for internet connection

May take up storage space

Can listen to it offline

May not have the latest version

Free and easy to use

May not be legal or safe

Option 3: Use a third-party app

A third way to listen to "30 Missed Call" is to use a third-party app, such as Audiomack, Boomplay, or Naijaloaded. These apps allow you to download and stream Nigerian songs, as well as create your own playlists and discover new music.

Pros and cons of using an app



More features and options

Requires installation and registration

Updated and curated content

May have in-app purchases or subscriptions

Supports local artists and platforms

May not be compatible with your device or OS

How to enjoy 30 Missed Call

Once you have downloaded or streamed "30 Missed Call", you can enjoy it in different ways. Here are some suggestions:

Listen to it with headphones or speakers

The best way to appreciate the quality and the vibe of the song is to listen to it with good headphones or speakers. This way, you can hear every detail and nuance of the music, as well as feel the bass and the beat. You can also adjust the volume and the equalizer to suit your preference.

Sing along with the lyrics

If you want to have some fun and express yourself, you can sing along with the lyrics of the song. You can find the lyrics online, or you can just follow the chorus and improvise. You can also try to rap along with Seyi Vibez and Kizz Daniel, or add your own verses. Singing along can help you memorize the song, improve your pronunciation, and boost your mood.

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Share it with your friends

Another way to enjoy "30 Missed Call" is to share it with your friends. You can send them the link or the file of the song, or you can play it for them when you hang out. You can also discuss the meaning and the message of the song, or compare it with other songs by Seyi Vibez and Kizz Daniel. Sharing the song can help you bond with your friends, discover new perspectives, and support your favorite artists.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, "30 Missed Call" is a hit song by Seyi Vibez and Kizz Daniel that has taken Nigeria by storm. It is a catchy and relatable song that tells the story of a lover who is trying to reach his partner, but gets no response. You can listen to this song by streaming it online, downloading it from, or using a third-party app. You can also enjoy this song by listening to it with headphones or speakers, singing along with the lyrics, or sharing it with your friends.

Call to action

If you have not listened to "30 Missed Call" yet, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download 30 missed call now, and join the millions of fans who are enjoying this amazing song. You will not regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions that people have about "30 Missed Call" and their answers:

  • Who produced "30 Missed Call"?The song was produced by Young Jonn, a Nigerian record producer who has worked with many other artists, such as Olamide, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and Naira Marley.

  • When was "30 Missed Call" released?The song was released on February 14, 2023, as a Valentine's Day special. It was part of Seyi Vibez's EP titled "Vibez On Vibez".

  • What is the meaning of "30 Missed Call"?The meaning of "30 Missed Call" is that the singer has tried to call his lover 30 times, but she has not answered him. He wonders if she is cheating on him, or if she has lost interest in him. He expresses his frustration and confusion through his lyrics.

  • Is "30 Missed Call" a remix of another song?No, "30 Missed Call" is an original song by Seyi Vibez and Kizz Daniel. However, some people have noticed that the song has some similarities with another song by Kizz Daniel, titled "One Ticket", which features Davido. Both songs have a similar theme, melody, and chorus.

  • Where can I watch the video of "30 Missed Call"?You can watch the official video of "30 Missed Call" on YouTube, where it has over 10 million views. The video was directed by TG Omori, a Nigerian filmmaker who has also directed videos for other artists, such as Burna Boy, Naira Marley, and Fireboy DML. The video shows Seyi Vibez and Kizz Daniel in different locations, trying to call their lovers, but getting no answer.

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