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Live Your Life and Smile as the Cash Rolls In

As you reflect in an esoteric moment, contemplating the meaning of life, and come up with nothing once again after trying to find inspiration in your 9-5 job, you think to yourself . . .

. . . “There’s gotta be something better than this for me. I deserve independence, the opportunity to have a stronger hand over my own destiny, to thrive, and to be free.”

You realize that you’re ball-and-chained to your job for cash to cover life’s necessities and life’s pleasures.

So what’s left? The 9-5 is *not* your be-all, end-all and you’re not satisfied until you see the light at the end of the tunnel. You know you’ll find a way, and you’re at peace with not killing yourself to get there. After all, life is meant to be lived. Carpe Diem. Speaking of seizing the day, you decide to put your hard-earned-money to work for you while you dive into your latest creative undertaking, dig into your next intellectual inspiration, and bask in the sunny moments of laughter with your closest friends. So, while you’re living out the meaning of your life; how, you ask, do you put your money to work and trust that it’s growing?

Now this is where the line is drawn.

You will cross this line if you trust your ability to learn and adapt, and

you will cross this line if you choose to decide to meet your future self.

On the contrary,

you won’t cross this line if you are scared or aren’t disciplined to try something new and

. . . and you definitely won’t cross this line if you lack the vision to see anything different for yourself other than your 9-5.

That said, if this article is speaking to you and you know the challenge of building passive income is for you, stay tuned as this series continues. Watch as the story, mindset, options, and tactics for passive investing unfolds. Choose to cross the line and you may just find yourself smiling once the cash starts to roll in.

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Justin Brennan

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