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Learn the Way to Lead a Balanced-Life as an Investor

Updated: May 19, 2022

The work-life balance is a state of equilibrium in which a person prioritizes the requirements of one's profession and the demands of one's personal affairs equally.

Most common causes of a bad work balance are:

  1. Workplace responsibilities

  2. Putting in more hours

  3. Domestic responsibilities have grown as a result of having children.

Most of us, in corporate leadership roles, have experienced periods of emotional and physical disarray. In particular, we believe that we've misplaced our sense of harmony between work and personal life.

In fact, we understand we may have worked a few too many 80-hour weeks in a row, and we are beginning to feel the repercussions of such a heavy workload. What are we going to do about it now that we've discovered this?

Which of the following cases do you think would be ideal?

  1. You're wealthy and have a wonderful life, but your health is deteriorating.

  2. You're in great shape, but you're impoverished and saddled with a mountain of debt.

  3. You have a lot of money, but you're unhappy and in a bad relationship.

It's common that the best investors are always striving to find balance in their lives. That's what makes them wonderful leaders and amazing people.

You know heading into that transaction that you're going to go out of balance. But the trick is to be conscious about that and know what you are sacrificing in the bargain.

Then, once the deal is finalized, you should plan to get back into balance as quickly as possible.

There are various parts of life that you have to take care of. so the more suitable goal is to find balance with at least half of these parts of your life if not all.

Finding the balance between Physical health, family and wealth

Physical Health

Whether you're a Investor or a CEO, it's easy to put things like exercise and diet on the back foot when things get hectic at work. However, the body you have is the only one you'll ever have, and it must carry you till the end of the game.

That's why it's crucial to keep your body strong and healthy enough to do the things you enjoy, whether that's traveling for business or visiting your kids and grandkids.

The key is to be in good enough shape that you do not want to say "no" to almost anything you like doing. Give yourself a score (be truthful) and see what you think.

Here's a fascinating thought: it isn't what you do 10% of the time that counts; it's what you do 90% of the time that counts.

You can eat cake, ice cream, drink alcohol, and eat fries, but limit this to only 10 percent of your total time, whereas doing the healthy things 90 percent of the time. It's simple, but not that much easy


How well-balanced do you consider your family time to be? How is your relationship with your spouse? What about your children, your parents and other family members?

No matter how hectic things get at work, family ties are the most important relationships you must have in your life.

If you give yourself a low score in this category, it's worth pausing to make the investment in fixing these relationships.

Family members are an important part of your support system, and you'll miss them the most when you're at your lowest.

Make a planner for romantic and family dates when making plans with your loved ones. Planning time with somebody you live with may seem strange, but this will make sure that you spend some quality time with them.

Work keeps you busy, but that doesn't necessarily imply you should ignore your personal relationships.


Here's my straightforward approach to investing: Invest in assets that will generate passive income. Then, just use passive income to improve your standard of living. That's all.

Such investments can be active or passive, with the option of investing in real estate or other asset classes such as the stock market.

The last point to make about wealth is what I call the "success cycle," which is a very real phenomenon in our culture. It's the idea of making a million and then feeling pressure to make another million.

Then you get to $2 million and actually realize you need another $4 million. There is never enough. In terms of money, there is always someone who is doing better than you.

The key to personal financial wellbeing is to feel in control of your finances and to know that you do have enough money to make decisions. If you're working too much and don't have enough money, something is clearly wrong with the equation.

Whether you own your own investment firm or are working your way up to the top, just ask yourself how motivated you are to go to work every day. Do you get excited about making a difference and going in the right direction, or do you dread the monotony of your daily drag?

Alternatively, if you own the assets, how are things going? Are revenues and profits increasing? Most of us who are high performers may never give ourselves a 10 in this category.

However, it is worthwhile to measure how much time you are devoting to your work is really paying off


In the end I would like to say that, there is no single thing on the earth that can make us happy or fulfilled. It's a fusion of everything we've discussed in this article. I wish best of luck to you and your family on your journey, and I hope this information was useful to you.

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Justin Brennan

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