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Adaptive Reuse: Holding onto the past? It’s time to adapt.

Friendly reminder: The one constant in life, business and relationships is change. John F. Kennedy put it perfectly: “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

These words could not be more true or salient at this present moment in history, and especially when it comes to your commercial real estate (CRE) moves.

As you watch today’s news, read today’s articles, and listen to the chatter among your social networks, what sort of thoughts and emotions do you find yourself ruminating with?

If you’re seeing in your mind's eye an apocalyptic future, and are grappling with a sense of impending doom, I suggest that you take a few deep breaths, maybe meditate a little, and read on.

If otherwise you’ve taken on an agile mindset, and are sifting through calculated CRE investment opportunities, "the great reset" that's underway for all of us may bode well for you after all.

Take the bull by the horns.

Now, I’m not playing a Pollyanna here, ignoring the important and somewhat jarring realities around us. Not at all. Rather, I’m suggesting that in the face of economic, social, environmental, lifestyle, cultural, and political upheaval; that we deliberately take the route to a successful tomorrow. Let us sharpen our radars and seize commercial real estate opportunities that will be mainstays in the next era of life on earth (if you haven’t already done so successfully).

For concrete discussion and examples of adaptive reuse done well - like ghost kitchens, motel-to-multi-family and office-space-to-medical lab conversions, I suggest you check out the “Time to Pivot” article brought to you by yours truly and the A-Team at Tauro Capital Advisors: Anthony Johnston, Avi Youshaei, and Alisa Freundlich.

This article is authored by Jennifer Santoso; Associate Director at Tauro Capital Advisors / / 858-280-9191.

Tauro Capital Advisors is an intermediary for Commercial Real Estate loans. We provide creative capital stack solutions, working through 1800+ lenders and 750 equity providers to structure solutions for your needs and obstacles, with integrity and transparency.

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