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Lone House

This project is a proposed 7,207 square foot Parker Water and Sanitation District well house to be located on undeveloped land (state parcel number 2231-242-00-001) immediately east of the Xcel Energy power substation in RidgeGate east in Lone Tree.

lone house

Less than eight months later, another piece definitively stated that open houses were back in vogue. Again, fair: People were ready to be out and about, they were ready to start home searches, and they were ready to see spaces through more than the occasionally fish-eyed lens of a virtual tour.

Now, with 2023 around the corner, here we all are wondering again whether open houses will be the thing agents turn to with confidence. No matter what happens, though, one thing is for certain: Open houses will be different.

Together, these trends mean that fewer people are touring homes than ever, and home sales will drag on much longer than most sellers would like. This will likely leave sellers in a position where they feel an open house is their best bet for getting an interested buyer.

The state of the real estate market has been fickle in the last few years, changing almost as quickly as the popularity of open houses. Next year, though, has been almost universally predicted to be a balanced market, thanks to a combination of external factors.

Photos of a tiny white house, standing all alone on a remote island, are currently going viral online and giving rise to mysterious theories. Dubbed the world's loneliest house, it is also being hailed as an introvert's dream residence.

Photos of the white house began to go viral after they were posted to Instagram last week. The photographs show a picturesque log cabin perched on a green hillside, surrounded by blue seas on either side.

According to The Mirror, this house is situated on Ellidaey, a remote island south of Iceland. This small island is part of Vestmannaeyjar, an archipelago of 15 to 18 islands. Today, the island is deserted, but it was once inhabited by five families. The last of these families left in the 1930s and the island has been uninhabited since then.

Rumours, questions and theories have swirled around this white house on the remote island for a long time now. One such rumour claims that it was built by an eccentric billionaire who planned to use it in case of a zombie apocalypse, reports The Sun.

In reality, the house does stand on the island of Ellidaey and is owned by the Ellidaey Hunting Association. Built in the 1950s, it serves as a hunting cabin and sauna for members of the association, which hunts puffins.

A recent visit showed that all but one of the 10 historic houses on the six-acre site at Flushing Avenue and Navy Street have been demolished to prepare for construction of a Wegmans grocery store, parking lot, and other retail and light manufacturing.

While nine historic houses were demolished along with nine post-1950s structures, development plans call for the retention of two historic structures. The house left standing and currently shrouded in scaffolding is Quarters B, constructed in 1872.

The largest of the houses in the complex, it was the residence for the Captain of the Yard, according to the National Register nomination report. Also included in the redevelopment plans is the restoration of the Timber Shed, constructed circa 1841. 041b061a72


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